Captain Grip

The seat towel grip everyone’s talking about. This unbelievably easy product is brand new to market and never been seen before. But what’s all the fuss about? For starters, Captain Grip is the effortless way to keep your car seats fresh and clean. No more ugly and awkward car seat covers. Say hello to your favourite car seat protector, a car seat cover that works for pets, kids, work and much more. This seat towel clip is so simple you'll wonder why no one has thought of it before! In fact, Captain Grip is an Aussie invention so support local produce and buy one today!



The simple ideas are often the best! This patented little wonder is simple to install tucked discreetly under your car's head rest. The clips are designed to hold your towel firmly in place ensuing your seats stay clean and fresh.

Make good use of your Captain Grip after a trip to the beach, gym or after a spray tan. Simply attach your beach towel to the Captain Grip and stress less about the mess. Congratulations, you’ve made your very own car seat cover.

Captain Grip is the easy and cheap alternative to cumbersome car seat covers. What’s great is that you can keep the Captain Grip attached to your desired car seats without any fuss, then just attach a towel when required. The towel is easily removed and washed and Captain Grip stays in place so it's always ready for your next adventure!

Finally, no more ugly awkward car seat covers. Get your Captain Grip clips today, which come in a handy set of 2. A lot of our customers even buy 2 sets so that the primary 4 seats in their car are ready to stay clean and fresh. 

Common uses

Clip your towel to the Captain Grip for:


Ever picked your kids up from swimming practice or virtually any sporting event? There’s that mixture of dirt and sweat that can pervade the best of cars; even that Xmas tree air freshener can’t help. Well, with the Captain Grip, you’ll be able to prevent this soiling your nice upholstery.


Similarly to kids, pets can really cause a mess in your car. If you’ve got a pet that you drive around from time to time, chances are you’ll benefit immensely from this makeshift dog car seat cover. You can even keep a ‘dog towel’ in the boot ready for such occasions.

Tradies/gardeners/surfers … even after a spray tan girls!

The Captain Grip isn’t just for others, it’s for you as well. If you work in a profession that’s fairly hands on, you can take advantage of the Captain Grip after a hard day's work as well. Or maybe you’re just a gym junkie that doesn’t want to sweat up the car. You get the picture, there’s no bad time to use the Captain Grip. 


  • • Perfect for anyone with pets or kids
  • • Helps reduce mess and keep your car clean, fresh and dry
  • • Ideal for tradies, beachgoers, spray tanners, gardeners and much more.
  • • So easy to install and attach towels to
  • • An Australian invention – support local
  • • Attaches to the underside of your headrest without impacting comfort


What are the instructions for the Captain Grip mechanism?
It’s so simple to install the Captain Grip; detailed and helpful instructions come with each set.

  • Remove the headrest from your car seat
  • Place the inner holes of Captain Grip onto the two shafts
  • Re-attach the headrest as normal
  • Use your fingers to attach the towel into the tear shaped holes and gently pull down to secure
  • To remove the towel just pull the wedged towel ends towards the tear shaped holes towards the back of the car seat

Can Captain Grip be used on any car seat?
Yes, the product is so simple and versatile, no car seat can resist its charms. What we love about it is that, once it’s set and installed, you can forget about it until you need it. It’s so discreet.

Is it true that this product was invented and patented by an Australian?
Absolutely. This revolutionary new innovation, which can be easily clipped onto the headrest of any car, was thought up in our (Aussie) backyard.

Hey, I’ve seen this on TV, right?
Yes, a free-to-air commercial was aired in late 2015 onwards to promote Captain Grip and coincide with its ever-expanding popularity. The Captain Grip sells even better in summer as holiday goers and families think of inventive ways to keep their cars clean.

I really like the sound of this seat towel grip but I’m worried that it’ll affect the airbags in my car and thereby my safety. Is this true?
No, Captain Grip has been tested and will not interfere with any of your car’s safety features, including your airbags. Its size and simplicity work to keep your car as safe as possible.