Night Stars Lighting

Light up your home at night with our Night Stars Landscape Lighting. With these Christmas laser lights, you don’t have to worry about dragging out the ladder and balancing improbably as you string endless rows of lights over your house. Ideal for Christmas decorations, atmospheric parties, accent landscaping, or just to add a vibrant splash of colour to your home. They’re so simple to use it really will seem like a Christmas miracle!



There’s something magical about approaching a home sparkling with garden night lights. But there’s no magic in the fiddly work required to check that each bulb works and to staple rows of lights on the roof – until now.


Our Night Stars Landscape Lighting eliminates the work without sacrificing the results! This decorative lighting option projects thousands of starry, brightly coloured points onto your home using one simple device.

You’ve got to give Clark Griswold a pat on the back for his honourable effort to add some Christmas cheer to his home in the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. But Chevy Chase’s character would have breathed a long sigh of relief if he’d discovered this Night Stars Landscape Lighting projector.

It really is just so simple to use. Simply position the projector towards your target landscape, plug it into a secure power outlet and switch it on with our RF remote. That’s it! You can control your Night Stars laser projector from anywhere in and around your home.

Our Night Stars projects singular red or green colours, or a combination of the two. For additional options, you can set the lights to a flash or pulse setting.

Night Stars is designed for versatile indoor/outdoor use so you can project these lights onto houses, interior walls, landscapes, gardens, pools, gazebos, dance floors … or wherever you feel like getting creative!

We created this device to minimise your work. That’s why our Night Stars comes with a built-in timer, so you can control just how long you want your lights turned on for – 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours. This feature is programmable from the remote.

What’s included with Night Stars Landscape Lighting:

Your product comes with

  • A light projector
  • A power supply transformer
  • A ground stake to secure the projector in place
  • An Allen wrench
  • A remote and battery
  • A weather-resistant cap
  • A 2-prong adapter


  • • Easy to use – just stake, position, and power on.
  • • Built-in timer for 2, 4, 6 and 8 hour options
  • • Thousands of lights in minutes
  • • Full stars effect
  • • Includes RF remote control with timer and a 2-colour selector
  • • Colour options include red, green, or a red + green combination for that timeless Xmas look
  • • Suitable for your garden, a park, or indoors decorations
  • • Waterproof power supply and projector casing
  • • Adjustable angle


How do the lights differ from ordinary fairy lights or Christmas lights?

Night Stars Landscape Lighting is an LED light projector that casts red and green pinpricks onto your targeted area, imitating colourful stars. 

Whereas fairy lights or Christmas lights comprise individual bulbs connected to a piece of cord, Night Stars projects the lights from one simple machine. That eliminates the need for you to string up series of lights around your home – the Night Stars projector beams them onto your chosen area for you.

Where can I project my Night Stars?

Night Stars is designed for indoor AND outdoor use. The light projector includes waterproof casing and a weather resistant cap for the transformer. Please note, the remote control is not waterproof.

You can project your lights over your garden, pergola, gazebo, landscape or an interior wall. Just make sure the path of the laser beams doesn’t interfere with popular walking areas.


  • Target anyone’s eye with the laser beam
  • Direct laser beams towards reflective surface
  • Point the laser onto neighbouring properties
  • Point the laser towards pathways, roads or incoming traffic
  • Point laser straight up into the sky since this may interfere with overhead air traffic

How is Night Stars powered?

Night Stars Landscape Lighting comes with a 2-prong adapter, 5.5m power cord and a power supply transformer. Simply connect the adapter to an indoors power outlet or a weatherproof outdoor socket and you’re ready to light up!

You can switch on the Night Stars projector with the accompanying remote control. The remote has a retractable RF antenna and is powered with a battery.

Can I choose my lighting colours?

Night Stars is projects red and green lights, but you can select whether to keep to a single colour (red or green) or to show a combination of both. You can further personalise your lighting feature by choosing a pulse or flash setting.

What is the Night Stars’ projection area?

Night Stars are capable of casting stars on an area 7.6m by 7.6m. The further you place the light source away from your object the further the lights will spread to a maximum of 600sq feet.

How long do the LED lights last?

Night Stars LED lamps have a projected lifetime of more than 5000 hours. That should cover plenty of Christmases – especially if you program the timer so your lights don’t stay on all night.

Can I use this device around children?

While children will certainly LOVE the lighting effect, adult supervision is required at all times to prevent children playing with the projection device or staring directly into the laser. Though the lights themselves look pretty, the projector is NOT A TOY!